love eboni ♡.

Whaddupppp ! welcome to my tumblr ( : i also have a twitter (cuteahh_dimples) no instagram ... im 20 , a junior in college , & im happily taken by this amazing man name Rodney Rashaad Tyus ♡ (we're highschool sweethearts btw) lol ... but yaaaaa anyways im from south Sweet Home Alabama (don't hate on my state please) currently living in H-Tinee. i can't stand dry people becuase i'm a ball of fun ... only if i like being around you or if im not just extra bored with life lol . im friendly to an extent so don't just expect me to be all in your face ... nahhhh not me at all ! i'm a typical girl , you get the best of both worlds and if you can handle both than you're A-Okay with me ! always be nice but be mean at the same time (: i actually really wanna model one day , hopefully my dream comes true . ok im talking way to much right now so bye loves <3
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